Cardboard boxes are industrial prefabricated plastic boxes, mainly used for packaging and transporting items and are also recyclable. Specialists in manufacturing rarely use the word cardboard as it doesn’t denote a certain material. It is usually made out of polystyrene, either foam or rigid foam, a combination of the two and also other plastics. Other materials used are PVC, PET and paper to fill up the blank space.

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Cardboard box manufacturers make use of various methods like extrusion or stamping to produce the boxes. Other than that, there are several more ways which may be utilized for the production process of the boxes. One such method is the rolling process and another one is the pressing process. Some other ways used for the production of cardboard boxes include the dye coating process and thermoforming methods, the latter of which has been highly popular among the producers because it is quick and cheap to carry out.

Most of the cardboard box manufacturers use a heat press for the manufacturing process. This is an iron cylinder, a cylindrical metal cylinder with an internal heating element inside it. The heat press is then placed on the foam or rigid foam and the plastic is pressed against the metal for a few seconds. The process is repeated with the second type of plastic. After the presses have been pressed the plastic sheets are pulled out and they are then ready to be cut.